Monday, November 29, 2010

Mannini and La New Yorkaise

A couple of weeks ago I met Mannini, the Sotho woman who was my muse for a day, in the CBD. We've been bumping into each other for over a year now, after a mutual friend introduced us at a poetry event. Mannini is a gifted poet, and has a soft beauty and a wicked sense of humour. Spending part of the day with her was a pleasure. The first photo happened quite by chance as we walked past the Poskantoor (this is one Afrikaans word I like) Thabo started flirting with Mannini, explained he was from Joburg, and just jumped in on the shoot without being asked. We agreed he added something special to it. We then made our way to the Waterfront - not my favourite place, but we both had business there. I was tracking a book (which I unfortunately did not find), and Mannini needed some pretty shoes. After throwing a hissy fit at the bookstore counter, we left with me in high dudgeon, (probably embarrassing poor Mannini) and went to find her shoes. We found them, plus the delightful hat in the last picture. The pretty woman in the second and third photographs is Miriam, whom we call La New Yorkaise. She was so beautiful and gentle, and scored so many style points, turning towards us with a smile when I exclaimed "Wow she looks good!" Thanks Mannini and Miriam. It was a special day.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Date with a k(night) or (king)pin

The title's an excuse to replay and rewind the Yeah Yeah Yeah's first album. Two songs that stand out for me. 'Pin' reminds me of being in law school, sleepless nights and listening to Yarek...seems so long ago!
Also the issue of love is still strong - it's coming up to Spring after all. It's also Women's Month in South Africa and I've been thinking about how women choose. Do they have choice? Are they chosen or are they allowed to do the choosing? Which is the most delicious way that the cookie crumbles?
We always choose our own apparel. Are we allowed to choose our paramours? Or do we wait until they choose us? Is it a question of being spotted and saying yes? Bees do it, birds do it...but can we do it a different way? Definitely a question for the online mags and female blogosphere. Always thinking about the next plot. Hatching, fetching, pitching and bitching. Meanwhile, I chose some beautiful people not long ago and there are still pics I never put up, and I really must.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Jo-Ann Darling Just How Many Languages Do You Speak?

Rethink on previous post title. Loving aint easy y'all. Sometimes it's one helluva mess. From what I've seen, and heard, it's the strongest, strangest emotion. You know? All the things that make our little hearts set up a Turmoil Platform at the Grand Central Union Station of Hearts. But it sure is easy to fall in love with beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories. How lucky was I to spot former Miss South Africa and current Top Billing host doing her thing as presenter with a top German TV station, during the World Cup. Jo-Ann - you're killing me! Those takkies are wunderbar. This was on the fanwalk to the Argentina/Germany game. I so so so miss Phillip. One whole month. It hurts, ne. Love was easier before he came along.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Loving you is easy cause you're beautiful

I am so sorry little tiny teeny eenie weenie blog for leaving you alone for so long. All alone in this great big world. But I brought you a new beautiful friend for you to adorn your pages with. Gosh I sound like the theme song from that movie with Jack Nicholson and a shower, and a lone motel or some such scenario. Bear with me it's been a long day and mama is sleepy but refuses sleep.

Not at all some sort of post script at the end of the day, the truly amazing and just super-talented Thulare Monareng is one of our most fab designers here in SA, and she will soon be gracing Long Street with her fabuliciousness. If you say that in an SA accent, ek se, it sounds delightful. And please, the title of this post is due to having listened to every genre of song under the sun today. Not because of anybody male, super-smart, super sexy even if they are so damn beautiful. Just. So. Damn. Beautiful. Er...And of course I love my little blog. You're beautiful. Mama needs sleep. Oh and by the way little blog. Nice things are happening on e work front. The niche is calling loud and clear, and that is why I was away so long. Wish me luck! Off to bed, with Minnie Riperton in my ears. La la la la la...!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

World Cup Stylin' Free Stylin' and just plain Ayoberness

Yes that's me trying out a makarapa. Lord have mercy but World Cup fever is completely infectious. The t-shirt with the big old Africa on it is available at Markham's. Yes. The men's store. As most decent merch has been sold out (I am inwardly crying for a long sleeve Spain tee that I saw at Edgars) we're left with slim pickins. My own fault really, as I did not think I would be this struck by the fevah. I keep complaining how it really is a big rip-off and a money-making scheme and we, Joe and Jane Q Public, wont get much out of the whole deal...yada yada blue blada blada but here I am as excited as anybody else and blogging like my little old ticker depended on it. Indeed I need to go walking or jogging just to make sure ye olde hearte can handle all the excitement. It's really the boyf's fault as he's been excited since he attended the last WC in his homeland. He's gone vuvuzela mad and it's so funny and appallingly cute to see how much rhythm a mzungu can pick up on that thing. I for one cannot sound out a single note, scratch or honk. It's pathetic, and humbling. It shows how much enthusiasm is contained in just one donkey bray. He's been trying to explain the technique but I am musically disinclined. Or just not as African as he is sometimes. Go figure. Viva Afrika Borwa, viva.

Oh one more thing. The last time I noted as a fashion pitfall any combination of the impossible shade of yellow and green that most Bafana merch comes in was when I was about sixteen. Our librarian, poor lovely Mrs H (ag shame) had a vuvuzela-shaped skirt that was constructed in large vertical panels consecutively studied in green then yellow, yellow then green. I called it Monster from the Bog, after a movie of the same title we'd unearthed at someone's house. The song lyrics have long gone, but the image of that poor woman, doing her bit for South African team spirit and nation building, years before she thought we would need it, is a lesson in trend forecasting that is unsurpassed.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

nouvelle vague

I'm completely in love with the band Nouvelle Vague so any chance to write them into my blog I'll do it. Meanwhile, this is a new wave of photos that I took in the last 2 weeks.

A couple weekends ago Sven and I were running around town getting some 'culture'. We popped into an art gallery on Kloof, and another couple also came in. As we left I looked at the woman and realised she was really stunning and I basically stalked her out the street.

They turned out to be Tanzanians and are based in Dar. ( I like to pretend I'm hip enough to have ever been there and can call Dar es Salaam just 'Dar' like my cousins do) Ayesha's simple khaki longer length shirt dress, gorgeous Indian-style thong sandals and orange and blue scarf are what I like to think of as everyday bling - items that work and show off the person's features and style. And what a smile!

I met Erica as we were going up to view the Spier Contemporary Art Exhibit at the City Hall later that day. I liked her shirt dress and corkscrew blonde curls. Shirt dresses are extremely popular in SA this year! I dont think they're going away any time soon. Yay!

I met these girls on Long Street yesterday after having a fabulous lunch with my gorgeous friend Nina, who I've talked about before. I really wasnt thinking 'blog subjects!' but something woke me up from my reverie and pointed out the cute and sweet students Linda and Chwayica (isnt that a beautiful name - pronounced 'tswy-dah') Linda also has the longest degree name I have ever heard of to study. BA Social Sciences and PPA, Film and Media and Industrial Soc. I mean what the? Her dress is from Mr Price (Linda, left, blonde braids) Simple.

Chwayica made her own t-shirt. Come on! She made it?? After all the slogans I've come up with and ways and fonts to write band names this girl didnt just think it she did it. Apparently there's an underground label called Intsangu that printed it for her. I should contact them...I have ideas. I'll bluntly ask them...;-)

I also met Mandy Bronner, who's a fashion designer. She does vintage-inspired clothing and accessories. Who doesnt love vintage? And check out that scarf. It kind of made me think of Alexander Mcqueen's skull print scarves. I photographed her just outside 15 on Orange, which I think is a gorgeous new addition to Cape Town's hotels. I dig her Gucci bag which she got on a trip.

Friday, April 9, 2010

'Twas my Destiny to meet Iman

Yes that's Iman. She's really stunning in person, and seems so humble, and rather beautiful inside and out. I know we all tend to think the catty and slightly dodgy world of fashion jades folk, but not everyone is an android. Well, perhaps her husband once was, but that's neither here nor there...

Timothy Maurice Webster was host at the Destiny Magazine Breakfast with Khanyi and Iman.

One of the runway creations by Lady Noble...

Over the next few days or so I will add more pics from the breakfast and fashion show, including one of the best photos I've ever taken.

Let's go walkabout Cape Town!

I rarely walk by a shop window and think DAY-AM!!? But yesterday these guys stopped me in my tracks. I think by now y'all know I'm a sucker for a pretty face. All three just scream, screech and holler 'hawtness'. Yikes, *fan fan fan thineself* Oh I think there's a 4th guy in there somewhere. But this forefront and the on the farthest right - sigh. Ok so the shop isnt my favourite for menswear, but if these guys can be dressed de sexy, then I think ordinary SA guys can give it de try... no excuses! Perhaps SA clothiers are getting better? One can only hope

So nice, gotta snap it twice! Thanks Adderley Street!

Janet isnt letting go of summer that easily! When I bumped into her yesterday, she was sporting a great late summer look in a short skirt, boots, and hugging one big bag. It's that tee that caught my attention however - I mean, really, anything that says AFRICA in bold usually does it for me.

The surfers know how to be bold and I always see the hot blonds rocking 'Africa Forever' tees. I finally found out where to get em, but I think I'll let the cat out the bag in another post. But it's not just the blonds that are hot, man. Hot all kinds. We got all sorts in this lovely land. Represent girlfriend! I also dig those ginormous louvre shutters at the Iziko Museum Slave Lodge.

Definitely one of my favourites. She really really didnt feel like being photographed. She was tired and gymmed out, and was walking through Company's Gardens with her brother, minding her own business. I dont know what the crazy woman wielding a camera and a set of questions asked her

but she agreed, and my crazy lady alter ego coaxed a smile out of Sbo.

I love the chic and laidback attitude of this lady's look. A classic dress that works as she's workin it, and add to that a beautiful belt, you've got some pizazzness a la Suid Afrika. And those beads? Man - when I think back 3 years ago when I first came to Cape Town and I got them on the cheap at Beads of Africa. Now everyone and their great aunt's grandmother is rockin em, and sorry to say this ladies but not with much originality. So all hail Queen Sbo! Dont make those strings of beads be a focal point; but rather rock some simple, not too thought through magic to work em new.

Miss Tando's hair and simplicity make this late summer look a 'must do'. Shorts by Woolworths. Hair by Tando.

Something I liked when I went into miyabi the other day. I heart Long Street.

Courtney's Cape Cool: You dont get 'tude like this anywhere else in SA. Even though she was very surprised that I picked her for my mini-shoot on Kloof Street recently, she rocked it and I have to say I like the results a lot.

Simple. Street. Stylin. Hair on point, and large hoop earrings and Converse takkies (as we sometimes call them in SA) give the look an edge.

Yolanda's t-shirt and yellow hoop earrings caught my eye. We didnt find anything we liked in this furniture place, and nor did we drink any Coke, but her smile definitely brightened my day.

Home decor aint easy y'all! Especially when you're as picky and specific as we are.

Some time back in early summer Modiegi caught my eye at the V&A Waterfront.
I thought her hair was bangin and also the top she chose to wear made her stand out. Outstanding style.

The flavours of summer...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Venus as a boy

Most of us would like to think that beautiful people might want to fall into our laps, but in my case it's true. I met someone today who seems beautiful mostly because he is a creative spirit, free and original. Ludiwich is a freelance stylist and designer, a magpie with a creative eye. I watched him transform a pair of boots he got from Spain and saw something special. It may have been hotter than hell outside but as he is a true sartorialist, he introduced the world to the navy Milanese trench he scored just the day before. I love that!

Cape Town is one of those gems. You can diss it as much as you want at times, but it will always reveal its beauty to you. Went to get some grapes (the only thing I want to eat when it's 30 plus) up at our local convenience store, and passed by the Sidewalk Cafe where the people are real. As Daniel Johnston sings 'the best things in life are truly free' and if you walk around and open yourself up to it, you might just get something amazing to fill your heart. Like sitting outside a little café in the blazing heat, wearing borrowed sunglasses and chatting like old friends with someone you just met. As the sweat trickles down your back you realise you dont care any more because life is beautiful and that this stranger gave you a gift. Not just the water to cool you down, but the gift of spending time with and a glimpse into a generous soul. It looks more like that far off place we talked about through your eyes, Ludi, thank you. It's there and it's here.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Rarely do you meet someone who just radiates peace and calm, packaged in a beautiful exterior. The elegant (and popular) Xiaoyu hails from Hunan, China, and is a welcome addition to the models that grace the Cape Town fashion landscape. She was gracious enough to allow me to take some photos when we met for coffee. I have also not yet encountered, on my blogging journey, someone who photographs this well, except perhaps our mutual friend Nomazulu. 谢谢你。Xiaoyu, little feather.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Arnold Reinecke

Now listen up! It's the second day of the second month of the second millenium AD, ten years after. That... Okay I just thought that was a cool intro but (it's not) so now I realise it has nothing to do with fashion and this gorgeous guy in this post. Ladies and gents, or lady and gent depending on how many people ever see this blog...
I know I have been tardy in updating, and I apologise to all those people who posed for me and I never actually put up their pics. Life happens! So I will make a pledge here and now that I will capture at least one image of beauty per week. Is that amenable? I hope so. And if I can squeeze in a few shots from last year, I will do so. Just...forgive, okay? Right. Enjoy Arnold....isnt he delish? I saw him riding his bike into his complex when I went to get soup fixins, then later, laden with groceries, I stopped him and asked if he'd pose. He was quite sweet and agreed straight away. This is what I like about Afrikaans guys - always polite! Apparently his girlfriend does something similar to what I do...
Sorry ladies, I will look for the single guys for you but it's not like I'm a dating service, now am I??

Friday, November 13, 2009

You've got the right to remain stylish

Hola Mamita! Strike a pose! This stunner is my soul sister. She's also a lawyer and works with hot cops! LOL! I've got jokes. No, really, those men are unbelievably unbelievable. (inside joke) With the weather fouling up every chance it gets, there's no choice but for a girl to look hot! I know I keep telling people I'm bored with grey, and how on earth can Cape Town still be inches deep in greyness at this time of year....but you know what, it does look really great. (unless it's that long grey Cape Town cardie that All the women are wearing - I'm tired of that. Put it away!) Apparently this has been the wettest November for 100 years. Or so the centenarians are saying. This greyness in the air doesnt bode well for your mood, but we know how to get happy anyway! No I'm not talking about little pills and a lot of tipple (what we believe has been keeping those same hundredarians alive) - but the best revenge is to look good. Truly.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Not every Swedish girl is blonde

Sometimes you meet someone and you just hit it off. Today was just such a day when I spotted Karin on busy Kloof Street. My mind was only on food and getting my favourite kind of instant noodles from the Wellness Warehouse, so it really was a fluke that I asked her to pose for me. Normally I don't miss lunch but this beautiful Swedish girl was looking absolutely on point, I just had to ask her to appear on Frockcentric. She was very sweet, even when I was not making sense and probably coming off like some stray slightly unhinged woman off the street (low blood sugar, anyone?) From top to peeking toes, she rocks! No intentional word play on the leather jacket, it just is this way. It's that tough versus sexy, versus ironic smart girl look that's making all the right statements. Check out the Mandela shweshwe print bag, you'd think she was a local girl. You're a (Northern) star Karin. Hope to see you next week?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a little of that island style, or - I sure do need a holiday...!

Bare shoulders and flip-flopped prettily painted feet! All the fashion rules of summer are being followed here. her accessories are beautiful, and her hair and attitude are a must do! When a dress refuses to be forgotten you have to just go with that feeling. On a breakfast run this morning, I spotted Brenda on her cell outside a caff. My mission was about getting cereal...and getting back to my so-called schedule (if a freelance writer actually has such a thing) But this €2 scarf dress from Greece was the reason behind my running back a little downhill to fetch my camera (how was I to know that a Frockcentric frock would appear right then and there?) In the most Bridget Jones-like fashion I could muster, I found myself locking myself out of the house, and had to devise a plan to get my keys out. I'd managed to get my camera, notepad, pen, even business cards - then promptly closed the self-lock door, only aware that I'd left the bunch of keys behind as I walked out of the gate. Earlier I'd witnessed a hadeda pooing on one of the gate posts. A harbinger of things to come? I cursed under my breath and started scrabbling about trying to get to the elusive shared side gate. Our right hand neighbour's seemed bolted up. After tripping on rocks and getting a big thorn in my hand (I didnt know such a green bush could be so vindictive?!) and a cobweb glued to my face, I thought enough was enough I had to call for help. But no-one would be able to hear me. Our left-hand neighbour, who we share a driveway with, is 90 year old Mr Dick. Yes we have an old neighbour called Mr Dick, you got a problem with that? I started to case the joint. Out loud I called "Mr Dick...?" Inwardly cringing and hoping only he could hear me, I cursed under my breath. Of course Mr Dick is tone deaf so only the people going to and fro heard me. What a sight as I clambered over the wall onto our shared driveway. Our side door seemed bolted shut, but I managed to scrape it back. Luckily the back door was open, because we have someone doing prep work on the walls. I was so scared of that powerful jet of water, but managed to sidestep it nicely and make myself visible before I got wet paint particles all over me. Running up the stairs, through the house, and now panicking that Brenda had left the caff, I rushed (making sure I had keys this time) to get my money shot! As I huffed up the small hill (what happened to the great feeling that yoga brought me this past weekend??) I met some people I thought were the group I had left at the caff. "Is your friend leaving?" I asked. "No...." one woman answered. "Oh! Oops, sorry I thought you were someone else" They just laughed good-naturedly and understood that I was channelling Renee Zellweger's alter ego today. I managed to steer Brenda away from her very understanding boss and co-workers at their working breakfast and tried to explain why this crazy woman in front of her should be allowed to take her picture. She was great, and the result is as above. Phew! I sure could use a holiday in a Greek harbour town...and make a great find like Brenda did....